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Foundation Learning has been designed for young people, aged 16-19, who want to progress onto apprenticeships, further education or employment, through training and work experience. Foundation Learning combines Functional Skills qualifications and training, in Maths, English and I.C.T., with Vocational Learning and Personal & Social Development.

16 – 19 year olds can apply directly to their local training provider by phoning to arrange an interview, booking in person or through the company’s web-site. However, many of our young people are usually referred by their local connexions centre, other support agencies or through careers information and events from school. 


What can you expect from the programme?
If learners complete their Foundation Learning programme they will leave with:

  • Functional and vocational qualifications
  • Improved social and communication skills
  • Work experience
  • Progression into their choice of career.

Delivery staff will work with learners to discuss their existing skills and qualities and identify additional qualifications that will boost their search for employment or further education and training. 

Learners can work towards Level 1 Vocational qualifications and Functional Skills from Entry Level to Level 2.
Foundation Learning also encourages learners to work towards a ‘Certificate in Progression’. This is made up of different units, relevant to each learner’s career and can include Health & Safety, Teambuilding and Citizenship units.

How long is the programme?
There is an initial induction period (between 2-6 weeks) in order to set the learners Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and decide on their main programme target. They can then be extended for a further 16 weeks in order to complete their goals, qualifications, placements or to improve their skills.

The learners programme will last, on average, between 18 – 22 weeks, depending on their career or progression aim. Learners will be expected to attend training for a minimum of 16-20 hours per week which will relate to their individual training timetable.

Who is it for?

Adult LearningThe Foundation Learning programme is for any young person who needs support in deciding on a career path or help in getting into the career of their choice. The majority of learners will be working on or have achieved qualifications between Entry 2 and Level 1 and will be looking to improve on these through Functional Skills.

There are learners who may have the right qualifications but have not worked with a variety of people before, or who may lack confidence in themselves. This will be addressed through team building projects and Personal & Social Development.

Young people who need work experience in their Vocational area in order to improve their C.V.’s can attend taster days, work shadowing weeks or full-on placements. These can lead to employment for the right candidate.

Foundation Learning works for young people who may not enjoy a traditional classroom environment and who would achieve more through a more flexible approach to learning.

The majority of our 16 – 19 year olds prefer the more practical-based, hands-on education that training providers offer.
Their Personalised Learning Programme is designed especially to accommodate each young person’s needs and expectations. Learning needs, equality and diversity and safeguarding are all taken into consideration when planning their Foundation Learning.


Progression routes for Foundation Learners:
There are three main progression routes for young people on a Foundation Learning programme:

  • Employment with training
  • Apprenticeship
  • Further Education or vocational provision

Once a young person has found employment they can transfer from Foundation Learning into a ‘Mainstream’ programme, where the provider will continue to work with them on an Apprenticeship in their occupational area.


Adult Learning

Functional Skills in Foundation Learning

The Government is committed to ensuring that all young people and adults, whatever their learning route, should be equipped with the skills to fulfill their potential and enjoy ongoing success in learning, work and life.

Functional Skills are a key element within Foundation Learning, and aim to bring a sharper focus on the basics so that young people and adults can apply what they have learned, in the context of their daily life.

Common to all of us, Functional skills help make sense of daily life, from working out which deal is best value, to writing an application letter or getting the best out of a computer software package. They are about using English, maths and ICT in everyday situations.

They are essential for:

  • getting the most from education and training
  • personal development of all young people and adults
  • developing employability skills
  • tackling England’s skills gap

Functional skills are available as free-standing qualifications for young people and adults and are an integral part of Foundation Learning.

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