This month’s CPD Course - Creating Highly Engaging 1 to 1 Learning in the Workplace 27/10/17

Date: 27th October 2017

Time: 10.00 - 16.00

Venue: South Downs College

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Creating highly engaging 1 to 1 workplace learning sessions.

Target Audience
This workshop is designed for learning delivery practitioners from all vocational backgrounds, who facilitate one to one learning sessions in the workplace. It will also be of value to team leaders, managers and others who have a role supporting frontline staff.

Context Statement – Why?
Staff delivering learning in this type of context can feel that without a group of learners it is not feasible to use innovative and creative learning activities. It is important that they recognise that this need not be the case. It is also important to recognise that Ofsted do not differentiate between learning delivered in groups in classrooms, and that delivered in the workplace. It is expected that all learning sessions will result in good and better learning, using methods that stimulate and engage the learner. Use of ‘workbooks’ as the main learning method does not achieve this.

Aim and Learning Outcomes
This workshop is designed to help participants further develop their ability to plan and deliver highly engaging learning sessions in the workplace.
On completion of the workshop participants should be able to describe and explain:
• The Ofsted perspective on training and learning sessions.
• Typical learner perspectives on outstanding learning experiences.
• Formative Assessment methods that they can incorporate into their training sessions.
• Creative Teaching and Training methods that they can incorporate into their training sessions.
• The use of technology to enhance learning.
• Sources of learning material to help design learning sessions.
In addition participants will have the opportunity to do one of the following:
• redesign an existing learning session or design a new learning session
• produce or further develop a resource for an existing learning session, or
• produce a new resource.

Learners who experience more innovative and engaging learning are more likely to:
• remain on the programme, particularly when things get challenging.
• make good progress and achieve
• communicate positive feedback about their learning experiences their employers, resulting in a positive employer view of the value of the relationship with the training provider.